Convert5 Cookie Compliance Console
It Makes GDPR Compliant Cookie Management Simple

How Does The Console Help With GDPR Compliance?

The Convert5 Cookie Compliance Console helps you to comply with the cookie management requirements of  GDPR quickly and easily by:

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    informing your visitors of the cookies that you use on your store when they first visit
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    allowing your visitors to enable or disable the cookies as they wish when they first visit
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    giving them the ability to amend their selections on future visits

And It Lets You Explain The Benefits To Your Visitors Of Leaving The Cookies Enabled

The Convert5 Cookie Compliance Console also offers you valuable benefits in terms of:

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    making the potentially onerous task of cookie management completely hands-off... you can set it and forget it.  Once you have completed the initial setup your visitors handle their cookie choices themselves and the Convert5 Cookie Consoles enables or disables the cookies each time they visit, according to your visitors' selections 
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    offering you flexibility to give your visitors the options that you think are most appropriate.  Convert5 Cookie Console is a flexible system with a number of options from which to choose e.g you can allow visitors to enable/disable either cookie types or individual cookies.  You can also control the description of the different cookie types and/or the cookies themselves... stressing the benefits to visitors of enabling each one. 

... and the Convert5 Cookie Compliance Console is 100% FREE.  

Why?  We're developing it for use on our own ecommerce stores and we're sharing it to help with what is a potentially complicated issue.

We're at the final development/testing phase of the Convert5 Cookie Console as an app/plugin/extension for these leading ecommerce platforms:



We'll be adding more platforms according to the demand.  So if you don't see your platform there then let us know... and we will add it to the development schedule.

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